Augury evolution
IoT Management Platform

This project was connected to Augury's Continuous Diagnostics Solution called Halo Wireless Platform.
Halo combines advanced sensor technology with artificially intelligent algorithms to alert and advise you of any mechanical malfunctions at their earliest stage. In order to listen to machines, the devices - which are responsible to collect and send data - have to be also monitored and managed.

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Interviews with Augury's Field,
Support and Operations stakeholders.
Working closely with Augury's Product
Manager throughout the whole process.

- All stakeholders needs different experiences
- Alerts and device view based troubleshooting
- Predefined alerts in the system
- Future use to expose it to customers


Interview with IoT Monitoring Engineer.
Work on usability flow.
"Improve alerts to reduce the amount of effort done today.
Speed up and automate process, communication inside Augury."

- Coming up with new wireframes
- Map operations usability flow
- Defining alert life cycle


Interview with customer success stakeholders and customers.
"As soon as IoT recognizes and acknowledges that we have components on the job site that need attention brought to
the end customer, than that information and knowledge is provided them instantaneously."

- Identify issues which can be sent to customer
without further investigation.
- Reduce number of interruptions toward
customer success workflow. Support calls.


Interview with customers.
Transparency on the machines connectivity.
Faster resolution.

- Building page with IoT insights.
- Analyst page with IoT insights.


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